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Computational Engineering &
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Theodore Ahrens Professor in Engineering

   Mechanical Engineering (Carnegie Institute of Technology)
  Courtesy Appointment:

  Biomedical Engineering (Carnegie Institute of Technology),

  Civil and Environmental Engineering (Carnegie Institute of Technology),

  The Robotics Institute (School of Computer Science), and

  Institute for Complex Engineering Systems of

  Carnegie Mellon University   

Director of  Computational Engineering and Robotics Lab (CERLAB)

President and CEO of CIESPACE Corporation

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Contact Information


Mechanical Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213, U.S.A.

shimada @ cmu.edu 

Office: 314, Scaife Hall 

Phone: 412.268.3614

Fax: 412.268.3348

eFax: 509.463.7619  

Cell: 412.952.5990



Administrative assistant: 

Ms. Nancy Beatty

Room 316, Scaife Hall

Phone: 412.268.2908

nbeatty @ andrew.cmu.edu

Research Interests


- Geometric modeling and simulation

- Mesh generation

- Computer graphics

- Computational Geometry

- Robotics

- Factory Automation

- Robotic Surgery

- Human modeling and simulation.

24-384/789: Computer-Aided Design

24-381/700A: Computational Engineering

FEM/ANSYS self-paced web tutorial

24-786: Geometric Modeling

24-311: Numerical Methods

Solidworks self-paced web tutorial

Mathcad self-paced web tutorial

24-384A: Computational Geometry

24-703: Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering

Home • Bio • Research • Robotics • CAD/CAE • Teaching • Publications • Personal

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